What madness taken hold of my heart?

In this lullaby.

I'll sing along to every song, I type a lie for the ride, I would write to prove I'm here for you.

L'homme de la situation.

I am running out of words
To say to you, wondering why I'm
Wasting my time
Thinking back and wondering why
I'm such a fool for loving you

My dream... I swear it has more meaning... I dreamed that my whole year group.. Well all my friends in the year group not the whole thing.. And other people from year 10 were there too...
And well we all has to get from one place to another. We had to like use tons of different ways of transportation and blah.
Then I would always go up to Julie and slap her... Or punch her. And yell at her for things that had happened in real life and in the dream.
We bascially yelled at each other.
After that I would notice like Nevena, Noemie, Sonja, Nina or Simi... People like that... walking behind us. And I would turn around and go to to them sweetly and lovingly. And Julie would get jealous because I liked them more..

I'm a real big fan of yours
But I'm quite the joke to you
But girl it wasn't a joke when you
Kissed me in your room and replied
"I love you too"

I'm a little bit insecure
From all of this mistreatment
But see I'm workin it out
Workin it out is so damn hard
When you're alone

 I love you all!

<3Simi - You're my best-est friend! You and I share great great times :) I LOVE YOU LOTS SIMI :). We have been best friends for 5 years. Psh I love you, you're beautiful and you have helped me through everything. You are my sunshine, babe. My everything. Again.. I love you... And I know that when I move.. it wont make much difference.. but it'll be harder to have our hot random MSN chats. AND I'LL BE FURTHER AWAY FROM YOU!.. Omg.. I remember when you helped me through my hardest break-up. You made it a million times easier for me, You're amazing.

<3Julie - JULIEEEEEE!!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU LIKE FRIKEEENN CRAZY. fuug.. how am I meant to survive without you? eh? see you can't answer! :P Remember us and our gangsta hatss.. and and and our freaking amazing running for cicilys fund run. You're probably one of the very few people that made living in Switzerland absolutely amazing. Plus you give shit honest advice. So thank you thank you thank you.. I love you babe. Whooo eccentric? xPPP

<3Nevena - :/ Hmm.. no comment. Hahahhaha nooooo. Dude. Imma miss you..like shit.. what are you gonna do.. you have no one to make up funny random shit like the WWMRC. xP Psshyeah I like your hair. I'VE GOT THE KEYS TO THE BAKERY. Well, we happened in my first year in Switzerland. The we had about a hundred fights.. Then this year :D Well you were one of the not so many sane people in our class.. And I have to say, you did help me through alot. You taught me not the be a clingy bitch or labeling whore. Fug I is gonna cry... T.T

<3Sonja - RAPIST! yes i'm proud to call you that :P I love you, we did have somee amazing times.. remember.. "If there are black people.. And there are white people.. WHY AREN'T THERE GREEN PEOPLE?!" I hope you have an amazing summer... And I'm sorry I was ever such a bitch to you in year 6 or 7. xP You mean alot to me. Thank you for everything. 

<3Claire - I know you can't read this because of your pure hate for facebook. BUUT but but I'll write it anyway. You're so beautiful, and you can't deny it. You make me laugh for the most random-est things. And I still stand with the fact that you are a little cheater XPPPPP hahaha psshhhh I LOVE YOU!! oh and zeus sucks. hermes rules all. :D

<3Andre - One of my bestest ever guy friends. You is the shizzle.. Thank you for always being there for me. You know I'll never ever ever forget you. Remember... DO WHAT YOU WANT.. SCREW THE REST!!. :D Man.. I was really scared last year after we broke up that we would never be able to be good friends again.. but now we are like what I was scared to lose and even better.. make sense? You are the shiznit. You're that dude with the awesome coolio south-african accent.. Wait.. I just realised.. You are you gonna go watch random movies in the cinema with when I'm gone.. o.O

<3OMG...EVERYONE ELSE. - No seriously.. I'm not being mean it's just if I continued I would go on for an hour . .NO NO LONGER THAN THAT.... Just comment and I'll tell you how important you are to me and how I could never ever forget you. :D I love you. 


[All of the above is just copied from facebook]

Don't trust me...
Lollipop Luxery....

Don't break my hear shaped glasses..

Dancing Liberty.
 I remember                                 listening to his melodies,
                      While your arms slid around my waist.
                                                                I woke up                        to your baby blue eyes,
                                       They smiled so wonderfully.
We hid together in the field of lavander.....Gowing higher than the heighest of heights.

Your face is the only one I want to see,
                                                                                                                 When I walk these streets....
The flowers don't seem to dance like they do when you're by my side

So for what it's worth...

  • To light up your eyes
  • To make mother nature sing
  • To watch my heart get all giddy.
  • To erase all lies 
  • And to know we can be.. Forever
You can be sure that I'll be in love with you 'till the end.

Ten Thousand Fists
The hole in my heart,
Out grows the holes in my shoes.
Revolting against the honor to obey,
Just to be held with you again.
The sides burn in urgency,
While I make another sacrifice,
For the memory...
Of you and me.

A Fearless monster,
Feeding on pain and misfortune.
If you remember those happy days,
You may be welcomed amogst it.
Now, end this infatuation with unity,
I never want to be alone again.

I don't wish to be another player,
Losing in this game.
Trying to impress upon you.
Do you even recognize?
I'm sick of standing in the crowd.
But that's just another sacrifice,
For the memories...
Of you and me.

I always think,
Love shall be the anesthetic for my pain.
To cure all the reminders and the hate.
But how long should I let this heartbreak live among me,
Like letting a dead man live.
Letting him reopen wounds.
He could destroy everything in his sight.
Oh so please save me from...
This living nightmare.
I never want to be alone again.

My own individuality is so unique.

I wanna be the girl who makes it through the day
Only with he image of you in mind.
The thought that we could live in perfection.
In a place where joy, drama and life coexistes. 
Where me and you can be

Why wont you take me there?

I wanna be the girl who makes your heart soar.
I wanna be the girl who makes your heart rise.
She can be whoever she wants to be.
Strong,  weak, beautiful.
I want to be there for you.
Your lips brushing mine,
the place they should remain.

Why wont you take me there?

I wanna be the girl who can do what she wishes
Without their hate and pain
Lurking in every cavity.
Remember the plans of being forever?
In a land where trees grow freely
And snow falls
Pure as white.
We dance along to our hearts rythms
Enjoying every moment.

Why wont you take me there?

I want us.
For internity.
To hold when the cloak of cold hits.
I want you to love me
As me.
Not her...
The person you perceive me to be.
I need you to know me
To care for me.
Uncaring to people's thoughts and actions.
In a land where no one can break us.

Why wont you take me there?


You know..nev, she can't read. She needs her 'Lesbian' to read.
 We're talking and she says that..
I think she means glasses.
I think she is dumb. :)
love you too nev.
Awwh she has a cute smile and laugh


 hello. i decided to hack into rachel's account xD so lalala im inappropraite -.- no really.

blabla im the weirdo who needs her lesbian and who is in love dovey, no i dont have a double chin rachels just jealous ;) naaaaah jk.. <3
(: thats it. im boring. im gonna go back to listening to youtube in technologaaay.

If you want love. Then make it..
I want to fly away from the moment, Baby. Come with me?

Writer's Block: LiveJournal Book Club
Out of all of your favorite books, pick just one you'd recommend everyone read. As a bonus: why did you pick that one?
It's a fucking amazing book. It has so much emotion. And just because it was the end of the book..(oh and other reasons..that I wont mention because it gives away the book) I cried. It literally shocks you over people behaviour and such. The author is... Kevin Brooks.
It's about this girl called Cait and well...READ THE BOOK. :)

String of Blinking Lights
I want to know if love is wild,  I want to know if love is real
I wanna die with you on the streets tonight
In an everlasting kiss
The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive
Together we'll live with the sadness
I'll love you with all the madness in my soul
Someday, I dont know when were gonna get to that place
Where we really want to go and we'll walk in the sun
But 'til then we'll make it hard for us to just let go

(no subject)
 Thank you, Simi. I will never forget you.


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