What madness taken hold of my heart?

In this lullaby.

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Ten Thousand Fists
The hole in my heart,
Out grows the holes in my shoes.
Revolting against the honor to obey,
Just to be held with you again.
The sides burn in urgency,
While I make another sacrifice,
For the memory...
Of you and me.

A Fearless monster,
Feeding on pain and misfortune.
If you remember those happy days,
You may be welcomed amogst it.
Now, end this infatuation with unity,
I never want to be alone again.

I don't wish to be another player,
Losing in this game.
Trying to impress upon you.
Do you even recognize?
I'm sick of standing in the crowd.
But that's just another sacrifice,
For the memories...
Of you and me.

I always think,
Love shall be the anesthetic for my pain.
To cure all the reminders and the hate.
But how long should I let this heartbreak live among me,
Like letting a dead man live.
Letting him reopen wounds.
He could destroy everything in his sight.
Oh so please save me from...
This living nightmare.
I never want to be alone again.


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