What madness taken hold of my heart?

In this lullaby.

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 I love you all!

<3Simi - You're my best-est friend! You and I share great great times :) I LOVE YOU LOTS SIMI :). We have been best friends for 5 years. Psh I love you, you're beautiful and you have helped me through everything. You are my sunshine, babe. My everything. Again.. I love you... And I know that when I move.. it wont make much difference.. but it'll be harder to have our hot random MSN chats. AND I'LL BE FURTHER AWAY FROM YOU!.. Omg.. I remember when you helped me through my hardest break-up. You made it a million times easier for me, You're amazing.

<3Julie - JULIEEEEEE!!! YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU LIKE FRIKEEENN CRAZY. fuug.. how am I meant to survive without you? eh? see you can't answer! :P Remember us and our gangsta hatss.. and and and our freaking amazing running for cicilys fund run. You're probably one of the very few people that made living in Switzerland absolutely amazing. Plus you give shit honest advice. So thank you thank you thank you.. I love you babe. Whooo eccentric? xPPP

<3Nevena - :/ Hmm.. no comment. Hahahhaha nooooo. Dude. Imma miss you..like shit.. what are you gonna do.. you have no one to make up funny random shit like the WWMRC. xP Psshyeah I like your hair. I'VE GOT THE KEYS TO THE BAKERY. Well, we happened in my first year in Switzerland. The we had about a hundred fights.. Then this year :D Well you were one of the not so many sane people in our class.. And I have to say, you did help me through alot. You taught me not the be a clingy bitch or labeling whore. Fug I is gonna cry... T.T

<3Sonja - RAPIST! yes i'm proud to call you that :P I love you, we did have somee amazing times.. remember.. "If there are black people.. And there are white people.. WHY AREN'T THERE GREEN PEOPLE?!" I hope you have an amazing summer... And I'm sorry I was ever such a bitch to you in year 6 or 7. xP You mean alot to me. Thank you for everything. 

<3Claire - I know you can't read this because of your pure hate for facebook. BUUT but but I'll write it anyway. You're so beautiful, and you can't deny it. You make me laugh for the most random-est things. And I still stand with the fact that you are a little cheater XPPPPP hahaha psshhhh I LOVE YOU!! oh and zeus sucks. hermes rules all. :D

<3Andre - One of my bestest ever guy friends. You is the shizzle.. Thank you for always being there for me. You know I'll never ever ever forget you. Remember... DO WHAT YOU WANT.. SCREW THE REST!!. :D Man.. I was really scared last year after we broke up that we would never be able to be good friends again.. but now we are like what I was scared to lose and even better.. make sense? You are the shiznit. You're that dude with the awesome coolio south-african accent.. Wait.. I just realised.. You are you gonna go watch random movies in the cinema with when I'm gone.. o.O

<3OMG...EVERYONE ELSE. - No seriously.. I'm not being mean it's just if I continued I would go on for an hour . .NO NO LONGER THAN THAT.... Just comment and I'll tell you how important you are to me and how I could never ever forget you. :D I love you. 


[All of the above is just copied from facebook]

Don't trust me...
Lollipop Luxery....

Don't break my hear shaped glasses..


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