What madness taken hold of my heart?

In this lullaby.

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I'll sing along to every song, I type a lie for the ride, I would write to prove I'm here for you.

L'homme de la situation.

I am running out of words
To say to you, wondering why I'm
Wasting my time
Thinking back and wondering why
I'm such a fool for loving you

My dream... I swear it has more meaning... I dreamed that my whole year group.. Well all my friends in the year group not the whole thing.. And other people from year 10 were there too...
And well we all has to get from one place to another. We had to like use tons of different ways of transportation and blah.
Then I would always go up to Julie and slap her... Or punch her. And yell at her for things that had happened in real life and in the dream.
We bascially yelled at each other.
After that I would notice like Nevena, Noemie, Sonja, Nina or Simi... People like that... walking behind us. And I would turn around and go to to them sweetly and lovingly. And Julie would get jealous because I liked them more..

I'm a real big fan of yours
But I'm quite the joke to you
But girl it wasn't a joke when you
Kissed me in your room and replied
"I love you too"

I'm a little bit insecure
From all of this mistreatment
But see I'm workin it out
Workin it out is so damn hard
When you're alone


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